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Naturopathy is a form of employment of several techniques that is encompassed in what is called natural medicine. It is based on the use of natural elements to maintain or recover health. Naturopathy prevents the use of medications.

It is one of the most used alternative therapies in the world. The origin of its name comes from the German Benedict Lust and means natural therapy. Benedict founded in 1902 the American school of Naturopathy that influenced the use of natural remedies, and proper hygiene and nutrition.


The main objective of naturopathy is to stimulate our body to become healthy or stay healthy, all without causing us harm.

The process is to change our lifestyle and our nutrition. Our naturopaths will indicate the natural substances such as food, plants, creams and some physical exercises and joint massage. By carrying out all these guidelines, we will activate the innate capacity of our body for healthy healing and maintenance. That is why floral alchemy belongs to this great group.

The main function of the naturopath is to activate our system and eliminate harmful and harmful substances from our body, and contribute with healthy substances.

This alternative medicine is also linked to achieving an emotional stability that will help you recover your health more quickly. For a bad connection mind and body is the source of all imbalances.

Naturopathy is a way of life, in which people take responsibility for our health. The bodies tend to be healthy and it is best to take care of our diet, sleep properly, exercise and relieve physical and mental stress. All this will be possible with the help of our naturopaths who will teach you how to take care of you.


Naturopathy has been around since the beginning of time. When the first beings used the elements that nature gave them to survive and improve their health.

With the passage of time these primitive methods have been developed. Modern naturopathy included techniques such as hydrotherapy and natural healing with the use of food, light, air and water.

Currently Naturopathy is a regulated profession in most countries and offers a variety of alternative therapies. Some are relaxation techniques, reiki, yoga, use of minerals, etc. In our center you will find some of these techniques, in addition to the one already mentioned, floral alchemy.

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