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The coaching or coach is a word that has been becoming more natural in our lives. That’s why from our center we also have a health coach or coach at your disposal who will help you in whatever you need.


Coaching consists of a continuous professional relationship that helps the interested person to obtain different results from those he was achieving in his life, work or relationships with others.

The coach helps the client to deepen their feelings and knowledge and manages to improve their professional and personal performance. Also, improve your quality of life.

With personal coaching you will learn to be the owner of your emotions and will not care about matters that are not so relevant in your life. The coach will teach you to react faster and in a more effective way to the daily conflicts we all have.


Coaching tries to create a knowledge of responsibility and conscience that allows the person to go beyond their comfort zone and improving their self-esteem. In this way you can see the potential that this person has.

Coaching is a real success because of its proven results and effectiveness, and in our center we will help you to achieve the changes you are looking for.

In addition, the coach does not work with your subconscious or try to solve internal and past problems, so it is not considered a coaching therapy.


Emotional coaching will therefore deal with these key points: beliefs, desires, values, emotions and goals. You will realize them through an awareness of what we can and can not achieve, and what tools we have.

Emotional coaching will give us a personalized and confidential training that will show us what we are now and what we want to be in the future.

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