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The spiritual retreat is a practice that helps our body and mind to relax and find rest and “inner peace”. It is the perfect way to put aside our daily life.

Our daily life, work, problems, habits and everything that surrounds us every day make it difficult for our bodies to advance at the daily pace. That is why a spiritual retreat makes us move away from everything that surrounds us and stresses us, to be able to find ourselves and even know ourselves better.


There are many reasons that can encourage us to perform a retreat such as:

  • Absolute disconnection.
  • Time to get to know each other
  • Recover strength and energy.
  • Reflect and learn.
  • Balance the emotions.

All these points and many more make many people need a spiritual retreat. If we highlight the last point, balance the emotions, we could highlight more on this point.


What is emotional balance?

Emotional balance is the satisfaction that a person encounters in the surrounding environment. An emotional imbalance is therefore the consequence of a bad relationship between the person and the environment that produces discouragement and a negative alteration of their emotions.

In our center, our specialist through emotional therapy and spiritual retreat will help you to master your emotions and find peace and emotional balance. All this will help you in your relationships with your peers.

In our day to day, people have to deal with many situations of stress that cause us imbalances and before which we must react. The coaching tries to avoid that these situations of stress happen to become something positive. In this way the person will obtain a balance in their emotions thanks to the benefits of spiritual retreat.

All people, regardless of their age, can go to the spiritual retreats we made from Nadia Alkatabi. From adults to children can receive emotional therapy, since they also live stressful situations in school or sports events.

Control of emotions

The mental health of a person is in the balance between what you want and the reality you are living. Our specialist will help you improve your emotional intelligence, helping you accept the life we ??have, accepting the good or bad family relationships we have or even appreciating our physique. Accepting all this we will find our emotional balance.

Emotional intelligence also focuses on the ability to recognize our feelings and those of the people around us, and learn to manage them.

The emotional balance is not immovable but is in constant movement, ups and downs. So it is necessary to take care of it every day so not to fall into major imbalances. And through our coaching service, you will obtain the form to achieve an emotional balance and an adequate emotional intelligence.

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